Bar Bites and Botanas

Pastechi 6

Antillean pastry filled with ground beef or shredded cheese, deep fried until golden.

Jerk chicken wings 6

Marinated for 24h, grilled to perfection and glazed with a jerk bbq sauce

Croqueta de bacalao 6

2 Homemade cod fish fritters served with chef sauce

Cheese balls 4.5

Cheese fritters, deep fried until golden, served with our housemade sauce.

Havana platter 12.5 p.p.

Pastechi, Empanadas, Croqueta de Bacalao, Cheese balls, Tostones and Fried funchi

Bar Bites Botanas

Empanadas 6

2 Deep-fried Venezuelan golden corn-crust pies filled with ground beef or cheese

Arepitas with cheese 5

4 Mini flat, round cornmeal cake filled with cheese, creamy avocado salsa

Tostones 5

Twice-fried green plantain slices, served with chef sauce

Fried Funchi 5

Polenta fries with garlic sauce

Santiago platter 17.5 p.p.

Sampling of bar bites and small dishes from the Caribbean and Latin America.